Augmentt and SeedPod Bring to Market a Cyber Insurance Program for MSPs and their Customers

SeedPod Cyber rewards channel partners using Augmentt Discover and Augmentt Secure to improve security posture with savings of up to 40% for their customers.

Focused on making MSPs more secure and successful, Augmentt, the SaaS security and management platform built for MSPs, today announced SeedPod Cyber is offering MSPs using Augmentt Discover and Augmentt Secure up to 40% off the cost of cyber insurance for the customers they serve.

Adam Eiseman, CEO of Lloyd Group, an Augmentt MSP partner and member of the Augmentt Partner Advisory Board, applauded the effort saying, “Augmentt and SeedPod are two early movers ahead of the curve, helping MSPs become better as they adapt to meet the needs of their clients in the face of a rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape.”

Recent discussions with the Augmentt’s 2022 Partner Advisory Board showed most insurance agencies lack a solid understanding of the MSP model and the business and technical needs of their clients when it comes to meeting cybersecurity requirements. Augmentt CEO and Co-Founder Derik Belair notes, “MSPs and the businesses they serve can expect their cyber insurance premiums to increase by 50% to 100% in the coming year as data breaches and cybersecurity incidents become more prevalent. That is a big hit to increased operating costs, erodes an MSP’s margin and is exactly why we’re working with cyber security companies including SeedPod to show our technology reduces risk and keeps MSPs and their customers more secure.”

Augmentt and SeedPod offer a Unique Value Proposition for MSPs

Available now to Augmentt partners, the SeedPod Cyber Insurance Program includes comprehensive cyber insurance protection from data breaches, ransomware attacks, cyber threats, and loss of income due to cyber related incidents. MSPs using these two innovative Augmentt solutions together more easily meet the required criteria for cyber insurance agencies and qualify for the SeedPod Cyber Insurance Program:

— Augmentt Discover to quickly identify every SaaS application being used across their customer’s organization, regardless of where people work, which device they use, and how they run the application.

— Augmentt Secure, which provides MFA alerting, remediation, threat reports to improve the MSP’s security posture, as well their customers’.

“The rapid adoption of SaaS-based tools by individuals and businesses over the past few years has put pressure on MSPs that are more accustomed to managing on-premise applications and systems,” says Doug Kreitzberg, CEO of SeedPod Cyber. “Tools like those developed by Augmentt enable MSPs to automate the management, auditing and security of their customers’ SaaS-based applications, affording them greater visibility into those environments, which in turn gives us increased confidence when we underwrite and price risks.”

“SeedPod understands the proper security posture and toolset a good MSP must have and has developed a methodology for making cyber insurance both easier to procure and more affordable for the MSP,” Eiseman explains. “It’s a great program and sets the standard for others to adopt.”

As the only provider of a SaaS security platform built for MSPs to currently partner with a cyber insurance company, the new Augmentt alliance offers a unique value proposition for MSPs. “Not all MSPs deliver the same business value and offer the same protection that you get with Augmentt Discover and Augmentt Secure,” notes Belair. “Much like traditional insurance, rewarding MSPs who are proactively protecting their clients from known and unknown threats, vulnerabilities and attacks is good business and will work to keep more businesses secure.”

To enable MSPs to become a next-generation cloud MSP, Augmentt is offering 100 free seats of Augmentt Discover. To sign up click here.

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About SeedPod Cyber

SeedPod is a cyber insurance managing general agency which embeds high quality and affordable cyber insurance within the tech stack that MSPs offer to their clients and also provide Tech E&O / Cyber insurance to the MSPs themselves.   Our mission is to reinforce the critical role MSPs play and to enable them and their clients to compete and thrive in this digital age.