Augmentt Breaks New Ground to Address Massive MSP Transition to SaaS and Cloud Managed Services

Managed services innovators Gavin Garbutt and Derik Belair reunite as Augmentt co-founders to replicate success and help MSPs achieve stronger growth and greater profits.

Canadian-led Augmentt launched today, becoming the first to market with simple and sophisticated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) management solutions designed to address the managed services industry’s massive transition to SaaS and cloud services.

Directed by managed services innovators Gavin Garbutt and Derik Belair – founders and leaders of N-able Technologies, which was sold to SolarWinds in 2013 – Augmentt is set to modernize and optimize the way managed service providers (MSPs) manage their clients’ fast-growing SaaS ecosystems.

The new tech company’s flagship portfolio includes three solutions designed purposely for MSPs:

  • Augmentt Discover: a SaaS and Shadow IT discovery and reporting module (available now)
  • Augmentt Optimize: a SaaS usage and spend tracking module (available now)
  • Augmentt Manage: a SaaS administration, management and automation module designed to eliminate time-consuming manual processes (coming soon)

The offerings work together to provide the data and analytics MSPs need to identify and manage Shadow IT, enforce SaaS security policies, streamline costs, and make more informed decisions about clients’ technology ecosystems.

“The skyrocketing use of SaaS, complicated by Shadow IT and the rapid rise of remote working, is challenging small-to-midsize enterprises (SMEs) and MSPs to deploy, manage and secure solutions they can’t effectively measure,” notes Garbutt, co-founder and chairman, Augmentt. “Augmentt is arriving in the industry at the right time, the right place, and with the right solutions to change the paradigm. Leveraging our proven methodology from N-able to drive MSP growth and profits, we are empowering MSPs to measure, manage and optimize the SaaS solutions that are critical and core to the success of today’s SMEs.”

The Right Partner Success Formula  

Augmentt has put in place a comprehensive enablement framework and MSP success formula designed to support partners in becoming world-class cloud and SaaS MSPs. The framework is anchored by the Augmentt Academy, an online learning platform where MSPs can access all the training, strategies and go-to-market content needed to deliver SaaS services. Also part of the formula is Augmentt Assist, white-labeled supplemental services aimed at helping and training those MSPs that require additional assistance setting up their SaaS Services practice or SaaS Operation Center; and Freemium, a go-to-market model that gives MSPs an unlimited number of Essential licenses to perform SaaS audits and upsell services to fast-track their success.

“As an MSP, we’ve seen first-hand the accelerated pace at which our clients, namely SMEs, are consuming SaaS and adopting a cloud-first mentality to IT spending,” said Dale Walls, founding partner, Corsica Technologies, an industry-leading MSP who is testing Augmentt’s solutions. “Whether it’s a formal migration to cloud or a simple app that one decision maker downloads, more and more SaaS solutions are finding their way into organizations. This makes for proactive SaaS management, and Augmentt’s technology, specifically, is a must-have for MSPs who want to perform at the top of their game and keep their customers free from unmanaged, or worse, rogue applications.”

Ac­cord­ing to re­search firm Canalys, cloud/SaaS ser­vices reached a worldwide record high of $34.6 bil­lion in the sec­ond quar­ter of 2020, representing an estimated 11% increase over the pre­vi­ous quarter and a 30% increase over the same pe­riod last year.

In another timely report, Synergy Research called the incremental growth around cloud in “absolute dollar terms truly impressive,” noting quarterly cloud infrastructure service revenues (including IaaS, PaaS and hosted private cloud services) hit nearly $30.5 billion, with trailing 12-month revenues reaching $111 billion.

“While purchasing SaaS products has never been easier, optimizing SaaS usage and controlling SaaS spend has become increasingly challenging for end user businesses and MSPs alike,” said Belair. “Augmentt’s technology simplifies and automates SaaS management, making it easier and far more effective for MSPs to help SMEs solve for one of the most vexing business and technology challenges they face today.”

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About Augmentt 

Founded in 2020, Augmentt’s mission is to provide managed service providers (MSPs) a smart solution to address the complexities driven by the unprecedented adoption of SaaS. Augmentt’s platform and solutions are designed to make SaaS management easy and profitable while delivering the framework for Augmentt partners to become world-class MSPs. For more information, visit