Cynet Global Channel Program Enables Solution/Service Providers to Become Breach-Protection-Focused MSSPs

Company Transitions IT Solution Providers to MSSPs, Lowering the Barrier to Entry and Introducing Partners to New Revenue Opportunities

Cynet ( today announced the company’s Global MSSP Partner Program. The new program is open to solution/service providers and combines channel-enabling technology, training and services all designed to support managed security service providers (MSSPs) to participate in the multi-billion-dollar cybersecurity breach protection market.

The global cybersecurity market is expected to witness a massive increase in revenue over the next several years attributed to surging cyberattacks across a broad array of organizations. Cautious of this trend, a growing number of enterprises are implementing cloud platforms which is expected to stimulate business opportunities for cybersecurity service providers through 2024. As a result, the global cybersecurity industry is estimated to record a valuation of over USD $300 billion by 2024, as cited by Global Market
Insights, Inc.

Cynet produces a native-built cybersecurity platform called Cynet 360 which prevents the full spectrum of potential attacks across all surfaces. It is the first cybersecurity platform of its kind to converge multiple security technologies with a 24/7 cyber SWAT team, defending all domains of an organization’s network, including endpoints, networks, files and users. The platform and service team protect the entire enterprise environment by
correlating users, files, network traffic and host activities with a complete team of threat prevention and detection professionals and tools, along with preset and custom auto-remediation policies for post-compromise actions.

Included in the Cynet Global Partner Program is the following:

  • CyOps — a 24\7 security team that provides full onboarding and
    training for the partner staff. With very little training required, CyOps
    allows the partner to deliver alert monitoring, threat hunting and attack
    investigation for MSSP’s customers. Essentially, this means that the partner
    gains a highly skilled workforce that ensures its customers get the best of
    breach protection;
  • A cloud-native solution with no hardware to purchase, deploy and
    integrate. Cynet 360 is a purpose-built platform to radically simplify
    security operations. The platform can be efficiently operated by any IT
    professional without the requirements of a specialized security proficiency,
    eliminating the requirement for an in-house services team;
  • A comprehensive breach prevention platform that includes AV, NGAV,
    EDR, Network Traffic Analytics, Deception and User Behavior Analysis (UBA).
    As such, it enables the MSSP to provide an extremely wide range of security
    needs to its existing client base;
  • Cynet automates the remediation needs for infected hosts, malicious
    files, compromised user accounts and unsafe network traffic, with a wide
    range of response orchestration capabilities. Apart from being a key
    capability differentiator, the response automation removes operational
    burdens from the MSSP, increasing its team’s capacity;
  • Collaboration with partners on sales/marketing campaigns, and
  • Incentive programs and promotions.

“Cynet’s all-inclusive approach to breach protection combined with the
company’s MSSP-centered channel program paves the way for compelling revenue
opportunities without the need for significant investments,” said Guy Eilon, VP, Sales, Cynet. “The launch of our enhanced channel program is an invitation to solution/service providers to join our team and support organizations that make up this growing market opportunity.”

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To learn more about Cynet:

About Cynet

Cynet 360 is the world’s first autonomous breach protection platform that
consolidates and automates Monitoring & Control, Attack Prevention &
Detection and Response Orchestration across the entire environment. Cynet
360 pioneers the use of Cynet Sensor FusionTM to continuously analyze all
activity signals from the protected environment: user activity, process
behavior and network traffic to provide threat protection of unmatched
accuracy coupled by automated remediation workflows for all core attack
vectors. Cynet 360 eliminates the need of complex multi-product security
stacks, making robust breach protection within reach for any organization,