D&H Distributing Adds SonicWALL’s Security-as-a-Service and MSSP Programs, Offering Security Solutions via Monthly Subscription

Partners can offer SonicWALL's high performance firewalls and security services with no upfront costs, adding security-as-a-service (SECaaS) to D&H's cloud solutions.

D&H Distributing, a major provider of SMB and consumer technologies to the North American high-tech channel, announces it has entered an agreement with long-time partner SonicWall to participate in this manufacturer’s Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) and its Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) partner programs. SonicWall’s SECaaS program allows partners to provide this manufacturer’s high-performance firewalls with no upfront costs, aggregating expenditures into a more manageable monthly subscription fee. In addition, SonicWall’s MSSP program provides this vendor’s non-firewall related software offerings through the same cost-effective structure.

Partners can combine SonicWall hardware, maintenance, support, and subscription-based security services as part of a consolidated package, all managed through D&H as a trusted distribution partner. It allows D&H partners to provide SonicWall firewalls on a basis similar to D&H’s DaaS (Device-as-a-Service) program. In this way, D&H and SonicWall will help MSPs expand their practices to become Managed Security Service Providers.

SECaaS in general has been gaining momentum as more companies embrace the market’s digital transformation, consuming technology on a hosted basis. In addition, many of these businesses had no choice but to accommodate a combination of remote and on-site workers due to social distancing restrictions—yet still need to deploy best-of-breed security across an entire organization. The monthly subscription model of the SonicWall program makes it easier for MSPs to deploy firewalls among more of their clientele, since this procurement model removes a barrier of affordability for many SMB companies who couldn’t otherwise absorb the full expense of upgrading their security hardware all at once.

A SECaaS model also allows the cost of security solutions and services to be transferred from the organization’s capital to its operational expense budget. This creates multiple advantages for end-customers and MSPs, from tax incentives to a more economical payment structure. MSPs enrolled in the programs will gain recurring revenue, and will no longer be burdened with supporting end-of-life firewalls, since their clientele will always have the most current generation of technology.

“D&H has had a long-standing relationship with SonicWall. Their MSSP program can help companies to more quickly and seamlessly migrate to a scalable and cost-effective procurement model, while ensuring their customers always have superior firewall services in force,” said Jason Bystrak, vice president of D&H’s Cloud Business Unit. “The ability to obtain high-value solutions through a manageable monthly fee allows our MSPs to create more immediate ROI. This is opposed to paying upfront and waiting for hardware to justify its investment over time. It’s a huge advantage of the XaaS model.”

“D&H is a trusted partner and one of the go-to channel companies servicing resellers in the small business community. Their penetration in this market has helped drive the SMB segment forward,” said Dan Sell, worldwide sales director, SECaaS and MSSP partner programs at SonicWall. “We’re confident their participation in our SECaaS and MSSP Programs will enhance the capabilities of small businesses, allowing them to affordably deploy a comprehensive range of security hardware, technical support, and firewall-related services. We’re excited to have D&H work with us on this program for the SMB partner community.”

D&H customers can enroll in the SonicWall program via the manufacturer’s web site to become a SonicWall SecureFirst Partner, then apply for the SECaaS and MSSP Programs via the Partner Portal at www.sonicwall.com/partners. Visit www.dandh.com for more information, or call (800) 877-1200 to speak to an account representative.

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