Do You Have the Right Tools and Credentials to Provide Compliance Services?

Demand is increasing, and it’s time to build a strategy for providing your clients with compliance services.

compliance as a service

Service provider Ntirety has expertise and credentials that make the company stand out as a leader in Compliance as a Service (CaaS). For over 20 years, Ntirety has provided compliance services across all vertical markets, including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and retail, and has supported all compliance frameworks and certification programs. Ntirety has also differentiated its offerings by attaining HITRUST CSF certification, making the service provider part of an elite group worldwide uniquely qualified to manage risk expertly.

The Framework of a Successful Compliance as a Service Offering

A key to providing compliance services is using the right tools, including governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software that provides visibility and automates routine tasks. Ntirety hosts, deploys and maintains a GRC solution for each client.

GRC tools help align IT with compliance requirements and business goals, as well as manage risk. A GRC tool also streamlines recordkeeping, reporting and other processes necessary for audits and certification.

Depending on the business or organization and its compliance requirements, the GRC tool could focus on compliance with regulations enacted to protect health information or customer payment data, as well as requirements that apply across the board, including HR records, financial reports, and vendor records.

Building a compliance program through an included GRC tool allows the service to create workflows, tracking, reporting and evidence collection. As individual tasks are highlighted, and the overarching program is displayed visually, the conversation moves from a tactical compliance objective to a business enablement discussion.

That information is included in regular reviews with clients. Based on the selected services tier and the business needs, Ntirety engages with clients directly on biweekly, monthly or quarterly conference calls. Between these calls, the GRC tool is used to exchange questions, evidence, and tasks associated with the program.

Current Opportunities to Provide Compliance Services

Your clients and prospects may now be looking for help with their compliance programs.

Regardless of size, organizations with no compliance needs or traditionally maintained single certifications are now exploring options to implement over-arching frameworks, like ISO 27001, to meet the existing certification requirements. These frameworks are also flexed into the latest state privacy requirements or as an additional certification to differentiate their businesses.

If you work with businesses that have not been required to comply with specific regulatory and reporting requirements in the past, you may need to learn along with your clients as they navigate new mandates. It may be beneficial to partner with a provider, such as Ntirety, that offers virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) services. A vCISO can act as a guide and provide expertise in scoping and understanding the unique compliance challenges facing an organization.

The most important advice the company offers to managed services providers (MSPs) who are considering adding Compliance as a Service to their offerings is, “Don’t wait.”

Compliance is hard, and building a full-featured program takes time. Having ample time allows a team to foster the program rather than force it, and various lines of business and the overall program will benefit from that time.