How to Up Your Reselling Game in the Subscription Economy

VARs and MSPs must ask questions, add value, and build long-term relationships that meet customers’ needs while helping them grow and adapt to technological advances.

subscription economy

Quickly adapting to changing customer preferences and business needs is essential in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. For software resellers, this means drawing upon data-driven decisions to navigate the digital marketplace, building customer relationships through subscription-based models and using automation to integrate business processes.

With the global SaaS market projected to grow to more than $908 billion by 2030, global resellers are looking for ways to optimize growth strategies and more effectively sell SaaS products in the subscription economy.

Reselling Solutions at Scale 

Estimated at $275 billion in market value, the global subscription economy offers organizations a stream of recurring revenue and provides customers with access to various products and services. Yet, developing your solutions is costly and time-consuming, slowing your time to market and eating away at your profits and value. Resources must be poured into research, testing, and ongoing maintenance. As you grapple with expanding your knowledge base outside of your core business and deal with troubleshooting, similar solutions may already exist in other formats.

Reselling SaaS products means you do not have to start from scratch to build custom solutions for your customers. But what is the best way to customize the user experience when reselling software?

“White label” solutions from partners are ready-made and fully integrated, allowing you to customize the product easily with your brand, logo, and identity. Customers can associate the product with your business while sparing you the burden of research and development. White-label solutions enable you to utilize experts in a specific space without diverting resources from what your company does best. Meanwhile, your customers get what they need when they need it.

Teaming with a Partner in the Digital Marketplace

Now that you have a white-label solution to sell, several challenges may hinder your ability to maximize opportunities and streamline your operations in the digital marketplace. You might have limited access to vital business data, making it difficult to make informed decisions. After all, gaining insights into sales growth and revenue forecasts is essential.

The digital marketplace generates large amounts of rapidly changing data and content based on user interactions. This data is crucial to expanding your business, but managing and deciphering it poses a challenge. This is where partners’ expertise in the digital marketplace comes into play.

Adobe VIP Marketplace provides a one-stop shop for acquiring, managing, reselling, and delivering Adobe software licenses. The application program interface (API) enables the platform to streamline purchasing, unify license management, and provide versatile service deployment options.

As an Adobe reseller, you can utilize advanced technology to analyze complex, multi-channel data in real time. For instance, you gain insights into product usage trends and popularity by viewing the most provisioned products across your customer base. You can also visualize the spread of discounts applied to deals within the marketplace with customizable timeframes. This type of information empowers you to make data-driven decisions with ease and precision.

Cutting Through Complexity With Automation

Along with personalization, customers have come to expect a seamless user experience. In the crowded SaaS industry, users have many options at their fingertips. If a product’s interface is clunky or there is a steep learning curve needed on the customer’s side, frustration can quickly set in. Additionally, manually generating reports and dashboards to monitor sales and performance can be labor-intensive, consuming your valuable time and resources.

Offering cloud subscriptions allows you to create and deliver multiple product combinations for your customers. However, as your subscription customers grow, managing those subscriptions can become more complex without an efficient system in place. Integrating catalog fulfillment, billing, and procurement with end-to-end automation helps you improve efficiency behind the scenes.

Strengthening Customer Relationships with Greater Personalization

More and more companies are using data analytics to understand dynamic customer behavior and tailor products and services. Providing personalization can help customers feel you genuinely understand and can cater to their specific needs. A report from Accenture shows that 76% of customers want more customization.

Providing services on a subscription basis enables you to build long-term customer relationships as you learn more about customer preferences and usage patterns.

You are creating a more elastic relationship with how you deliver results to your customers, enhancing the customer experience.

Customer data can also help you monitor and reduce customer churn rates, making it easier to identify customers at risk of canceling their subscriptions. By tracking customer behavior, you are in a better position to implement targeted retention strategies. These efforts may include direct communication to address pain points, offering incentives, or customizing a specific product.

The Rundown on Reselling 

Resellers must ask questions and add value, building long-term relationships that meet customers’ needs while helping them grow and adapt to technological advances. In short, reselling is not a sell-it-and-forget-it scenario.

Key takeaways:

  • Remain agile and responsive to evolving customer needs
  • Cultivate customer relationships through subscription-based models and implement automation to streamline business processes.
  • Utilize a digital marketplace with an advanced API program and sophisticated capabilities for analytics to harness the power of data and achieve business outcomes.
  • Look for deeper insights into your customers’ needs to help you make well-informed, data-driven decisions and create new avenues for growth and efficiency as a reseller in the subscription economy.