How MSP Net Sciences is Helping Customers Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

In today's episode, Jay and Mike discuss how MSPs are addressing the needs of their customers and employees during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Most larger organizations, while still suffering during this Coronavirus pandemic, seem to be better equipped to implement technologies or pivot their business models to at least keep some level of business running.

At the same time, many SMBs lack the tools needed to function. There’s a real need for remote access solutions, communications solutions, and security to keep remote workers safe. Since most MSPs cater to the SMB market, there’s a real opportunity to provide value and help customers stay in business.

With all that in mind, we wanted to learn how MSPs are helping their customers get through this difficult time while keeping their employees safe. To get a first-hand glimpse from the front lines, Jay spoke with Joshua Liberman, president of Net Sciences, an MSP based in Albuquerque, NM who’s been in business for 24 years. Liberman’s also a member of the ASCII Group, which is the oldest and largest group of independent IT solution providers, integrators, MSPs and VARs in the world.

As you’ll hear, this MSP is on the front lines of dealing with this pandemic and helping guide his customers.