Provide Surveillance as a Service to Restaurants

Consider – then capitalize on – unique use cases for video surveillance in this industry.

restaurant surveillance

Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) provides businesses and organizations with a complete managed service. VSaaS providers offer cameras, maintenance and management, video and recordings, cloud storage, and incident detection and alerts. Cloud-based systems are also easier to deploy and scale, and managers can access video and alerts from mobile devices, so they are always informed of the status at the facility, even when they’re away from their desks.

Surveillance as a Service offers benefits to businesses in virtually every industry, for example, retail, transportation, manufacturing, construction, banking and finance – but they have particularly interesting applications in the restaurant industry.

As a managed Surveillance as a Service provider, consider how you can grow your business by building solutions for these restaurant use cases:


Restaurants stock expensive cuts of meat, seafood, and bottles of wine and liquor. Surveillance cameras can deter employee theft, which, according to the National Restaurant Association, can account for as much as 4 percent of food costs. Share that statistic with your prospects; in many cases, the savings may be more than enough to cover the cost of your services.


The bar can be one of the most significant sources of shrinkage, whether through overpouring, non-compliant procedures, unauthorized comps, or theft. However, video cameras that monitor activities at the bar, with solutions such as Glimpse, can reduce losses by at least 30 percent.

3Drive-Thru and Curbside Pickup

Cameras installed as part of the drive-thru system or at curbside pickup parking spaces help teams identify customers more quickly, deliver the correct orders and increase the efficiency and speed of service.


Accommodations and food services job openings totaled more than 1.3 million in July 2022 – filling those positions will require substantial investments in training. Video footage can expedite the training process, showing new employees how to perform their jobs rather than telling them.


Spills and accidents are common in busy restaurant kitchens, and unfortunately, so are slip-and-fall accidents. Surveillance as a Service provides businesses with a convenient way to monitor the front and back of the house for accidents, provide indisputable evidence of how the incident occurred and defend against frivolous lawsuits.


Of course, Surveillance as a Service helps deter theft in the restaurant industry, similar to how it’s used in other types of businesses. For example, restaurants and bars that manage large volumes of cash may be attractive targets for criminals. Surveillance cameras let criminals know the company is watching, and the restaurant has video evidence it can turn over to investigators if theft occurs.

The Advantages of Developing a Restaurant Surveillance as a Service Offering

With expertise in the restaurant industry and Surveillance as a Service – whether on your staff or through partnerships – you can tailor an effective managed service that will deliver real value to your customers. You can advise them on deploying cameras, giving them the necessary visibility to address their specific pain points. The managed service eliminates the need to devote internal resources to maintain them. Additionally, by enabling your customers to pay a predictable monthly fee for the service, they don’t need to make a CAPEX to protect their businesses. And this delivery model may make it possible for smaller chains or independent restaurants to afford the video surveillance solutions they need.

Also, recognize that your business will benefit from offering Video Surveillance as a Service to this industry, along with the restaurants in your market. If this isn’t a vertical you currently serve, you can expand your business, grow your customer base, and build a stronger recurring revenue stream.

Is there an opportunity to differentiate your business by offering a comprehensive Video Surveillance as a Service offering for restaurants?