Tips for Selling Customer Survey Software

It’s time to take a different perspective and consider customer feedback less of a value-add and more of a necessity.

customer surveys

Customer survey software provides merchants with crucial information they need in the current economic climate: what their customers think.

Merchants can use these solutions to conduct customer surveys by automating feedback collection at the checkout, in response to a survey invitation on a receipt, or via a loyalty app.

Zina Hassel, President of ZLH Enterprises and ASCII member, says regardless of your client’s vertical, customer survey software has the potential to deliver value. “Businesses in most industries should be open to using surveys to generate product or service interest, understand consumer preferences, or gather competitive information, such as pricing or product effectiveness,” she says.

Hassel says the data that customer survey software collects is valuable to many teams within a business, including the R&D team, supply chain, and its leadership. “The managed services provider (MSP) or value-added reseller (VAR) needs to understand the customer’s business and their needs and wants to position the value properly,” she comments.

The Finer Points of Selling Customer Survey Software

Hassel points out that MSPs and VARs should take a different approach when selling customer survey software than other types of products or solutions. “The survey value is likely seen as an intangible value-add to the customer. It’s not as easy as selling the widget or the ‘aa’ service that has a product attached or substituting OPEX for CAPEX,” she says.

“But these solutions may ultimately allow you to offer additional services to increase customer satisfaction,” Hassel explains. “So, it may ultimately add to your customers’ revenue – and yours. It can be a win-win.”

Getting your sales team on board and correctly positioning these solutions are only part of successfully selling customer survey software in the current economy. “As with advertising budgets – which always seem to be the first to go in business downturn situations – surveys may be seen as a nicety rather than an ongoing necessity,” Hassel says.

She suggests attending sales meetings prepared with statistics showing how product purchases have shifted, which merchants could have predicted with accurate feedback, or how a merchant’s revenue grew because they had insights into the most in-demand products and services. Connecting the dots between customer feedback and those outcomes can create aha moments for your clients.

Create a Smooth Path for Implementation

To help your clients get the most value from customer survey software, you should also educate yourself and your team on survey best practices. As a trusted advisor, talk through the experiences your client wants to provide their customers and ensure the survey compliments them. For example, they will want to keep the survey short so customers aren’t delayed at the checkout. Sales associates or cashiers should also be prepared with a quick script for inviting the customer to take the survey and to answer questions promptly.

Also, advise your clients to tailor surveys to provide the precise data they seek. Each survey should align with a business goal. Regarding question format, Hassel says, “Multiple choice is fine, but open-ended will allow for detailed feedback.”

She adds that you should set the proper expectations for how customer survey software fits best within a business strategy. “You need to represent the survey as an adjunct to the customer marketing or other programs but not as a replacement,” she says.

Be Creative

As new technologies emerge, you may consider changing the solutions you recommend to your customers. Hassel says, “Given the current state of the economy, we all need to be creative in our thinking. Just like restaurants are reimagining themselves, MSPs and VARs need to rethink their marketing and value propositions.”

“Let your clients know you believe in the customer survey solutions you provide and the value they deliver – and that they’ll more than pay for themselves. Link surveys to their benefits and establish ROI,” she says.

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