Why MSPs Should Offer Proactive Video Monitoring

With technology still evolving, proactive video monitoring can solve many physical security issues plaguing businesses.

Proactive video monitoring

Adapting quickly to emerging technologies in the security sector has always been challenging and often met with resistance. For instance, consider the impact of the cloud on video monitoring. Many businesses were reluctant to switch from using on-premises video recording devices to cloud-based solutions. Yet, the cloud’s benefits of increased cybersecurity, added functionality, and minimized maintenance have been game-changers in the industry. Proactive video monitoring is another emerging technology offering many business benefits that some businesses are slow to adopt.

Understanding Proactive Video Monitoring

Proactive video monitoring can range from video verification to advanced workflow automation like virtual guard tours, automated check-ins, and perimeter access control. Its primary function is to give support in areas where video monitoring is essential, but staffing may be an issue. For instance, a small business owner with property and merchandise needs to be protected, but the one security guard on duty can only cover so much square footage. In this case, MSPs can offer proactive video monitoring services, which help the business owner keep an eye on all sides of the business without adding to their staffing budget.

Remote guarding through AI-powered video surveillance with human assistance allows security users to know what’s happening on-site anytime, giving the business owners back the power of control over their proactive security strategy. It also provides a better response time to situations in which staff would take considerable time coming to a conclusion and offers a better chance of preventing threats in the future.

Industry Applications for Proactive Video Monitoring

Proactive video monitoring improves operational efficiency and safety by streamlining security procedures and customizing solutions to meet industry-specific requirements. Real-time video analysis can assist in identifying and preventing theft or unlawful entry in industries such as retail, protecting assets, and lowering losses. Turning to facilities management, proactive video monitoring is essential. It lessens the need for constant physical surveillance by ensuring security teams can quickly handle crises across large infrastructures.

These systems can help the transportation and logistics sector guarantee cargo security en route by offering round-the-clock monitoring and prompt notifications of security breaches. Using this technology, resellers can more effectively communicate the benefits of proactive video monitoring to prospective customers in various industries, expanding their market share and enhancing service relevance.

How Proactive Video Monitoring Minimizes Business Costs

With proactive video monitoring, we can unify multiple sites and disparate video surveillance systems into a single management platform. As data is stored and managed in the cloud, advanced artificial intelligence algorithms can translate that video into tangible data that can be used to enhance real-time security response.

For small businesses or enterprises to get the most from their security systems, MSPs, often the first points of contact for many companies, must be on board with the possibilities that proactive video monitoring can offer in a growing business. To provide these programs, they must understand what proactive video monitoring is.

Many cloud-native security tools integrate seamlessly within an existing security solution, making adding benefits to an organization easy. Proactive video monitoring can minimize costs and allow customization, revolutionizing how small businesses or enterprises handle security assessments.

Competitive Advantages for MSPs

There are multiple options for a proactive video monitoring solution, including in-house monitoring, physical guard forces, AI technologies, wholesale central station monitoring, and more. Security users must sift through the various methods and see what will work best for their organization. MSPs can differentiate from their competitors by offering these new technologies to customers looking for cutting-edge security solutions.

How cloud technology took over the industry, proactive video surveillance allows businesses to enhance their security and operations and solve budgetary challenges. Resellers have the opportunity to have a range of products that buyers can choose from to fit their business needs within specific budgets without having to restructure their entire security protocol. It allows customization of their current system to match their unique business goals.

With technology still evolving, proactive video monitoring can solve many physical security issues plaguing businesses. It can be shaped into any existing system, providing a better alternative to extra labor costs to secure physical assets.

Tom Galvin

Tom Galvin is CEO of Evolon, a perimeter security vendor. Tom has been active in the physical security industry since 2001 as a tech founder, executive and independent technology consultant.