Insights From One MSP’s Journey with Quote Management

Using the right tool can streamline complex processes, save time, and minimize errors.

Quote Management

Quote management software is designed to streamline the quote and proposal process. However, using quote management software isn’t typically something managed services providers (MSPs) use from day one.

Chad Kempt, owner of Fast Computers and member of The ASCII Group, shares his decision-making process and the impact of using quote management tools on his business.

When did you begin using a quote management tool?

Kempt: Our journey with quote management tools began in 2008, initially incorporating QuoteWerks into our operations. Eventually, we transitioned to ConnectWise Sell, which is now called CPQ.

Why did you decide to use a quote management tool?

Kempt: The decision to utilize quote management tools was primarily driven by our desire to streamline the entire lifecycle of our business process – from quoting to ordering, installing, and ultimately billing. We recognized the need for efficiency and accuracy in these critical areas, and adopting these tools facilitated an optimized, seamless workflow.

Do you wish you had decided to use a quote management tool earlier?

Kempt: Reflecting on our journey, it might have been advantageous to implement a quote management tool earlier in our operations. Doing so could have brought about process optimization sooner, potentially leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness in our quoting, ordering, installing, and billing procedures from an earlier stage. Nonetheless, we are pleased with our progress since introducing these tools in 2008, and we continue to reap the benefits of this strategic decision.

How does it integrate with your PSA and RMM?

Kempt: The quote management tools we have utilized, namely QuoteWerks and CPQ, integrate flawlessly with our professional services automation (PSA) tool, ConnectWise Manage. Although remote monitoring and management (RMM) isn’t relevant in this context, the seamless interplay between our quoting systems and PSA has been invaluable. Notably, CPQ’s full functionality in a browser setting has further elevated our operational efficiency, signifying another key reason behind our transition to this tool.

How much time savings does it deliver?

Kempt: While it’s challenging to provide an exact measure, it’s safe to say that implementing quote management tools has significantly reduced the time spent on quoting, ordering, installing, and billing processes. These tools streamline these complex operations, reducing manual inputs and lessening the risk of errors. As such, we’ve been able to allocate our resources and time more effectively to other critical areas of our business. This efficiency gain has been fundamental to our growth and success since we began utilizing these tools.

What are some of the other benefits of using a quote management tool?

Kempt: An integral benefit of using quote management tools is enhancing the approval process for sales team members. These tools provide automated, streamlined workflows that ensure quotes are checked and approved efficiently, reducing delays and maintaining consistency. They create a standardized pathway for all quotes to pass through, leading to a higher degree of control and oversight. This expedites the sales process and reduces the possibility of errors and miscommunication.

An often overlooked benefit of quote management tools is the capability to accept payments at the time of quoting. This feature simplifies the transaction process, speeding up the sales cycle by allowing customers to make immediate payments upon accepting a quote. It improves cash flow by reducing the time between the sales agreement and payment receipt and enhances the customer experience by offering a seamless, convenient transaction.

This function is a valuable asset that can contribute significantly to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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