How Sophisticated UCaaS Capabilities Can Help SMB VARs Compete

There’s a misconception that unified communications solutions are only for enterprises. The truth is, SMBs also need and want the productivity and cost savings these solutions can provide their businesses.

As an MSP in today’s marketplace, you know the value that small businesses represent. Our national economy could never flourish without them, and they outnumber Fortune 500 corporations by orders of magnitude, accounting for 99.7% of all business in this country. The U.S. Small Business Administration recently estimated the number of companies with fewer than 500 workers at 28.8 million, employing nearly 60 million people.

That’s a staggering number of seats—and a tremendous business opportunity.

Even major pioneers in the enterprise communications space such as Microsoft and Cisco have acknowledged that the key to long-term profitability is in addressing small to midsize organizations. But their approach is a misguided approach at best, starting with an enterprise-appropriate solution that may leverage multiple data centers, complicated operating software, and layers of redundancy, then stripping out functionality to achieve lower price points more suited for the SMB market.

While there is economic prudence to this strategy, it makes the assumption that small business does not necessarily need the features associated with a large enterprise. This is, candidly speaking, a huge miscalculation on the part of these vendors.

As a company that has been addressing the unique requirements of small and midsize businesses for over 13 years, CoreDial fully recognizes that small businesses need technology every bit as rich and sophisticated as their larger counterparts. They may not have the budget or IT resources of a large multinational enterprise, but make no mistake—the need is there. By readily offering robust hosted communications tools that increase productivity and drive down operating expenses to address that need, powerful features such as presence management, video, and voice conferencing, collaboration, and contact center, a savvy MSP will recognize that need and that opportunity.

The dream scenario for any SMB is to expand into new markets without having to add costly staff and infrastructure. This is where a modern hosted UC (unified communications) platform can truly add value, allowing the MSP to deliver advanced functionality to small companies, empowering them to enhance their models and realize economies without adding overhead.

UC Use Cases: Making Small Companies Bigger

For example, end users in the healthcare market can use Unified Communications platforms for much more than just providing voice calls between users or offices. Mobile UC applications can allow personnel to immediately locate each other and interact in real-time whether they’re meeting patients or consulting with team members. Sensitive communications can be safely preserved, even if they’re conducted via mobile phone. Management can also leverage reporting and analytics tools to compare the responsiveness of their team members. These capabilities are an example of how small businesses can use advanced capabilities to improve performance, deliver superior care, and reduce operating costs.

The list of capabilities and benefits deliver goes on adding a solution like Contact Center. For example, sophisticated solutions should offer advanced benefits like voice-to-text capabilities, call recording with call redaction, API integration, and consolidated audio and video-conferencing functionality. From detailed appointment reminders for legal offices, to broadcast alert systems for emergency response teams, and omnichannel customer engagement over email, text, chat, and voice, a robust UCaaS solution can elevate small organizations to a new level of productivity, fulfilling a complex regimen of unique business requirements.

And as your small and midsize customers grow, so will you. For an MSP, that’s the most financially rewarding outcome of deploying a compelling, agile solution.  

Ken Lienemann

Ken Lienemann is CRO of Coredial, a leading provider of cloud communications services, driving channel success through a unique business model that empowers partners to deliver high-value, margin-rich solutions. It serves more than 23,000 businesses and 320,000 seats nationwide. The company’s CoreNexa™ UCaaS platform is a feature-rich solution encompassing a range advanced voice communications functionality, including its cutting-edge Contact Center solution.