Features of a Digital Signage Content Management System That Cover All the Bases

Use this checklist of must-have digital signage content management features to choose a system that will provide value in a wide range of use cases.

digital signage content management features

It’s challenging to provide a features list of a digital signage content management system that will be ideally suited to all of your clients – digital signage can be used in so many different ways it’s hard to find a use case you could consider typical. So, to ensure you can meet your clients’ objectives, you must choose a digital signage content management solution with a broad range of features that give your clients the options they want.

Use this checklist to narrow your choices to the systems that can provide the greatest value for a wide variety of business types:

  • User-friendly interface: Even if your managed services provider (MSP) or value-added reseller (VAR) business takes more of a hands-on role in helping your clients set up their digital content management system, your clients will still need to be able to make changes and add new content. Demo the system to ensure it’s easy to navigate, saves clicks with drag-and-drop or dropdown menu options, and offers other features that help users get the most value from the system with the least effort.
  • Support for various content types: A restaurant client may want static menu content that they change at different times. A manufacturer may want to display dynamic content, including performance metrics and progress toward a goal. A healthcare provider may want to show a series of slides and short videos that educate patients on health topics while they wait for their appointments. A university may want to use engaging digital signage to inform students of upcoming events, important dates, or information during an emergency. Make sure the system you offer supports any content your clients will use.
  • High-quality display on any screen: Digital signage loses its impact if the content doesn’t match the screen resolution. Some clients may want to use a variety of screen sizes and types that display the same content. Ensure your chosen solution can adapt content for high-quality display on any screen.
  • Flexibility: Preconfigured templates can be helpful to users, but make sure your clients aren’t locked into only a few options. The digital signage content management system you offer your clients should allow them to customize their messaging and easily control or change items in a playlist.
  • Interactivity: Besides broadcasting information, digital signage is valuable for inviting people to engage with their clients. Choose a digital signage content management system that can operate interactive displays and kiosks and provide simple and effective touchscreen experiences.
  • Content scheduling: Fresh content will catch people’s eyes, but going in and out of the system throughout the month to update content can take time away from other responsibilities. Look for software with content scheduling that allows a manager to load and plan for content changes in advance.
  • Scalability: A client may have one location that uses digital signage today, but they may expand to operate a chain or satellite location in the future. Make sure your digital signage content management system can scale cost-effectively to support more screens in new areas.
  • Reporting: A digital signage content management system can provide valuable data to your clients. They can compare the frequency of content views with other outcomes like sales or foot traffic. They can monitor interactive displays and make adjustments to maximize engagement. Choose a digital signage content management system that adds value by providing data-based insights to your clients.

Digital Signage Features for VARs and MSPs

While looking for the perfect digital signage content management system to provide your clients, consider the benefits that the vendor offers your business. Partner with a vendor that provides technical and sales support, marketing assistance, opportunity registration, and healthy margin. Making the right digital signage content management system choice should help your clients – and your business – grow.