5 Email Security Features Your Clients Really Need

These features make complying with email best security practices easier for users to follow and keep data and networks safe.

Email Security

Email is a common attack vector for cybercriminals. Email attacks, including phishing – that trick the recipient into providing sensitive information, opening an attachment, or clicking a link – prey on the one vulnerability that technology can’t control but the right email security features can: people.

ASCII member and “president geek” of Tekie Geeks Mike Bloomfield says businesses can implement email security policies, but there are always instances when employees won’t follow them. “They need solutions that do it for them,” says Bloomfield.

ASCII member Wayne Hunter of AvTek Solutions adds that email security isn’t optional. Malware attacks that cause a data breach are a common reason that small businesses close their doors within 6 months. “If a business doesn’t deploy an email security solution, all they’re asking for is trouble,” Hunter says.

As a managed services provider (MSP), it’s essential to realize that not all email security solutions are equally user-friendly. Ensure the solutions you include in your portfolio have these five email security features.

Top Email Security Features  

1 Encryption

Encryption allows a user to transmit sensitive information to a recipient but makes it unreadable to others who may intercept the email. Look for a solution that doesn’t require the user to install plug-ins or apps and makes encrypting a message simple for the user, such as simply typing brackets around the subject line to encrypt the email.

Hunter adds that some email security solutions also enable users to set policies prohibiting unauthorized actions. For example, if a user sends data such as social security or credit card numbers, the solutions will automatically encrypt the email or block the email and send a notification to an administrator.

2 Filtering

Email filtering stops junk mail and holds emails that violate specific policies in quarantine. However, there are often exceptions to the rules that filter emails, and some necessary information won’t get through. MSPs must find a solution for their clients that enables them to whitelist addresses and easily pull easy-to-understand reports on account activity.

3 Email backup

Hunter says a feature his clients appreciate is email backup. The email security solution he provides to his clients keeps a 30-day rolling backup of emails, so if email servers are down, users can log into a web browser and keep doing business rather than wait until servers are back up and email is restored.

4 Archiving

Email archiving keeps a copy of each email, inbound or outgoing, and enables the user to search stored mail. It’s a valuable tool for quickly finding a specific email or a lost or deleted file. Archiving is necessary for clients in certain industries for regulatory or legal reasons.

5 Easy to manage

As you evaluate email security solutions, remember to look beyond benefits to your clients and consider whether they will be easy for your MSP to administer. They should be easy to manage so you can provide your clients with the highest degree of service.

Just One Part of a Total Solution

Hunter points out that to offer real value to your clients, email security must be used with a total security suite, including antivirus, antispam and antimalware. “You have to combine all solutions for true security,” he says.

Bloomfield says if your clients are on managed services, it’s essential to include, at a minimum, email security for incoming and outgoing email as a part of the services you provide. “It’s a necessity. Every managed services provider needs to offer it. If you aren’t, your clients will go somewhere else to get it,” he comments.

Hunter also reminds MSPs to follow best email security practices to protect their businesses. “Hackers are targeting MSPs because they manage their clients’ systems, and it’s a potential way to get into their clients’ networks. Make sure your backyard is as secure as you’re trying to make your customers,” he concludes.

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