Threat Spotlight: Impersonation and BEC Attacks on the Rise

Olesia Klevchuk discusses the latest email cyberattack trends and advises MSPs on how to protect their customers.

Business Email Compromise

No matter which technology niche an IT solution provider specializes in – unified communications, enterprise networking, cloud services – it all has to be built on a foundation of security. Cybersecurity threats can negatively impact businesses in numerous ways from slowing down productivity to bringing business to a halt and cybercriminals demanding large fees to give businesses back stolen data.   

Barracuda is a leading channel-focused security vendor that helps protect businesses of all sizes from cyberthreats through a variety of products and solutions. That includes educating its partners about the latest threat trends. Recently, Barracuda released a Threat Spotlightfocused on malicious accounts in BEC, or business email compromise.  

To get more insights on this topic, XaaS Journal co-founder Jay McCall spoke with Olesia Klevchuk, senior product marketing manager at Barracuda Networks. Listen as Klevchuk explains how malicious attacks work, what makes them successful and what MSPs can do to protect their customers.