5 Steps to Building Managed Security Services

Barracuda MSP’s Mark Whiffen talks about how MSPs can expand their managed security services offerings without getting overwhelmed.


Rising security concerns and a lack of in-house skills within end-user customers are driving the need for third-party service providers. According to a recent MSP Day Report, “A total of 79% of partners felt customer security concerns were a good opportunity particularly with the rise of remote workers, 72% said the lack of in-house security skills at their customers was also creating new revenue possibilities.”

Mark Whiffen, senior product manager for Managed Workplace RMM at Barracuda MSP, discusses the rising opportunities for MSPs to take on a greater role in providing security services to their customers even if they don’t become an “MSSP (managed security services provider).”

Here’s a highlight of some of the questions you’ll hear in the podcast:

  • [02:14] What have you seen in the market that can help MSPs who are still on the fence about adding managed security services to their offerings?
  • [04:32] Are MSPs that offer security services the same as managed security services providers?
  • [06:32] What should MSPs consider when it comes to securing their customers’ applications, data and infrastructure?
  • [10:04] Are RMM tools equipped to manage remote workers and cloud apps?
  • [12:03] How can an RMM be used to build better customer relationships?
  • [15:24] What are the 5 key steps for MSPs to build a successful managed security offering?
  • [18:17] When MSPs outsource NOC or SOC services, is this typically a temporary situation or do most MSPs outsource security services long-term?
  • [24:11] Are there any pitfalls you see solution providers fall into when trying to expand their security offerings?

For additional resources and tips to help you expand your managed security services offerings, visit http://managedservicesjournal.com/security-as-a-service/.