Put the “Control” in Access Control as a Service with These Features

Here are the must-have features of an effective access control-as-a-service solution.

access control features

Businesses and organizations have used access control solutions for decades to protect their facilities, assets and employees. But today’s state-of-the-art, cloud-based access control systems are far more sophisticated than legacy processes. As a result, managed services providers (MSPs) can leverage these solutions to offer Access Control as a Service (ACaaS), eliminating the burden on your client’s on-site security staff for managing and monitoring access and providing a higher level of control and effectiveness.

ACaaS solutions enable you to receive alerts and manage or revoke access from mobile devices to respond immediately to incidents. And because the system stores information in the cloud, access control data is always backed up and available for investigations, reporting and compliance audits.

Key Access Control Solution Features

To optimize your Access Control as a Service offering, look for solutions with these additional features that will allow you to address your clients’ needs best:

  • Identity and access management (IAM): This ACaaS feature enables you to give users access privileges based on their role within the business or organization. Each user should have one unique digital identity, whether they’re an administrator, have a specific job description, provide IT support, or are just visiting. IAM allows you to give them access to the right places at the correct times.
  • Video and security platform integration

Before choosing an access control solution, evaluate it for integrations with video surveillance platforms. Integrating these two solutions enables overlaying access control data with video, verifying who is passing through a secured egress in real time and creating a record of the incident. You’ll also save time with an integrated, more streamlined, user-friendly system than two independent systems.

  • Hardware compatibility – Some access control solutions require using specific door locks, devices or other hardware. Make sure your client can use the hardware they prefer with the solution.
  • Elevator Integration – If your client’s facility has elevators, ensure the access control solution you choose integrates with elevator controls for the greatest efficiency. This will enable you to set time schedules for elevator access per floor from the access control solution.
  • Building management system integration – Integrating an access control solution with building management lets the system know when buildings are occupied. Additionally, it can automatically turn off lighting or lower the room temperature to save energy costs.
  • Access from mobile devices – Some access control solutions allow users to use their mobile devices for access, eliminating the need to carry a card, fob, or other credentials and providing a more convenient user experience.
  • Reports – To get the greatest return from an access control solution, ensure it can provide reports your clients need for compliance or auditing purposes. For example, solutions can enable users to pull reports as needed or schedule them regularly.

How Your Clients Will Benefit

When you cover all bases with a comprehensive Access Control as a Service offering, you can provide your clients with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Greater productivity: ACaaS eliminates manual tasks that employees throughout the organization now perform to ensure access control. Taking that responsibility from the business or organization can allow employees to devote their time to revenue-producing activities.
  • Enhanced security: The automated, always-on nature of an ACaaS solution informs you of issues in real time and allows you to take immediate action that can secure a facility – or multiple facilities.
  • Reduced costs: ACaaS is often more cost-effective than hiring additional security personnel or on-site resources to manage an access control solution and reissue lost credentials. It can also play a role in reducing energy costs in unoccupied buildings.
  • Greater flexibility: IAM features enable the business or organization to customize access to suit specific employees’ schedules, even flextime.

A solution with the right features will maximize ROI for your clients and help you grow your business by building solid and sticky relationships with clients who depend on you for this vital service.

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