Launches New Communicator Softphone

Built in-house by VoIP’s foremost experts on serverless architecture, cloud-based UCaaS platform runs on all Mac and Windows computers and will integrate HD Voice, video collaboration, team messaging, one-click conferencing, call recording, IVR and other business communications. today introduced a completely overhauled version of its Communicator softphone, an application for users to easily manage all channels of business communications directly from any Windows or Mac desktop computer or laptop.

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Communicator’ user-centric design provides unfettered visibility to inboxes, address books, call logs, and the industry’s best cloud-based business phone system every time they turn on their computer. The redesigned softphone is free for customers.

“Phone.Com Communicator is purpose-built for agility and can transform any desktop into a feature-rich, web-based phone that is as powerful as it is easy-to-use,” said Alon Cohen, EVP and CTO, “Streamlined design simplifies how users make and receive phone calls from any number, view voicemails and transcriptions, recent calls list, contacts, and dial-back options.”

Serverless architecture, on which the new Communicator is built, is inherently scalable, secure and ensures that cloud-based business phone systems are not only highly-available, but also operate at peak performance levels while consuming minimal resources.

For’s more than 30,000 business customers across the United States and Canada, Communicator will provide mobility, flexibility and eliminate the need to purchase capital expenditures like costly desktop phones.

The brand is synonymous with innovation, which not only reflects year-over-year growth for nine straight years, but also executive leadership’s persona. Having founded the company that made the first ever VoIP phone call, Cohen’s expertise with internet-based telephony is unrivaled.

“Unlike our previous softphone, which was based on a third-party product, developed the new Communicator in-house to serve as a platform for ongoing innovation.

Today’s launch is a major milestone in’s multi-phased strategic roadmap for a new, streamlined Communication tool that will integrate and allow seamless connectivity from any device or platform, including iOS and Android. Among the additional updates to be announced over the following months are advanced messaging, video meeting rooms (VMRs) and more.”

Investments in advanced cloud infrastructure and next-generation “compute services” like AWS Lambda validate’s commitment to empowering small businesses with the advanced communications technology they need to adapt, evolve and compete with large corporations. AWS Lambda allows developers to leverage’s set of lightweight APIs to extend UC services into third-party portals, middleware and CRM platforms, and provides the flexibility to create custom integrations for specific workflows.

“When it comes to supporting SMBs, does this (adaptability) better than pretty much any hosted provider I know of,” said Jon Arnold, an award-winning, tenured enterprise communications analyst. “Riding with AWS, scale isn’t a problem, and with their team of developers, they can quickly bring new features to market. has embraced the API model for driving innovation, bringing programmability to their offering, and offer over 50 customizable features and integrations.”

For small businesses, entrepreneurs and innovative enterprises, is a comprehensive cloud-based business phone system that offers enterprise-grade, omnichannel unified communications and collaboration (UCaaS) services without requiring any contract.’s award-winning UCaaS platform includes HD voice, video conferencing, team messaging, collaboration, follow-me, CRM integration, IVR, queues, fax, audio conferencing and many other contact features.

“Digital transformation is no longer an abstract concept to be considered and dealt with by future generations, but a present-day reality,” said Ari Rabban, CEO, “Business communications must be flexible, scalable and mobile for businesses to be agile, defined as the ability to adapt without sacrificing productivity. The world is changing, as is the way people work. Communicator keeps today’s workforce connected without being tied to a single desk or location. Users will be more accessible, more responsive, and more productive than ever before.”

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Founded in 2008 by veteran telecommunication entrepreneurs, provides more than 30,000 businesses across the U.S and Canada with comprehensive, flexible, and reliable cloud-based communication and collaboration solutions.’s innovative services, award-winning 24/7 U.S.-based support, coupled with experienced executive leadership and forward-thinking strategic planning, has led to 10 straight years of growth. With over 50 customizable features including audio and video conferencing, call forwarding, voicemail transcription, IVR, vanity and virtual toll-free 800 and local numbers,’s business VoIP allows you to connect with anyone anywhere at any time.