MicroTouch Launches All-in-One Touch Computer Family for Windows OS Platforms

Merchants benefit from ultra-modern design and ease of integration with the latest POS applications that help elevate brand experiences.

MicroTouch, a global leader in the touch solutions market, today announced an expansion of its all-in-one touch computer family, including a 15.6” and 21.5” supporting the latest as well as legacy Windows OS platforms. The ultra-modern and durable touchscreen computers are designed for seamless integration, empowering retailers, restaurateurs, hospitality merchants, and more to deliver a superior customer touch experience with the latest POS applications that enhance brand image. The product family rounds out the MicroTouch all-in-one offerings to cover the major operating system platforms (Windows and Android).

The all-in-ones’ ultra-modern design aesthetic, with slim bezel, edge-to-edge touch surface, and sleek stand, offer merchants attractive products that support self-service applications, such as self-check-in and check-out, online ordering, signage, self-ticketing, and more. Additionally, the all-in-one touch computers facilitate quick, efficient, and reliable touch transactions that boost the customer experience in retail, hospitality, restaurants (QSR/fast-casual), fitness, and healthcare.

“We are committed to supporting the evolving needs of today’s merchants,” said Gene Halsey, VP, Product and Business Development for MicroTouch. “Innovation and customer experience are big drivers of our decisions. That’s why we designed our sleek, all-in-one touch computers to enable merchants to deliver the best customer experience with the most durable solutions. By expanding our offering with an inclusive range of Intel-based processor solutions that recognize the ongoing strength of Windows platforms, we can support a broader range of applications to fulfill our customers’ business needs.”

Combining high-powered processors and premier CPU support provides merchants with the functions and performance needed for the latest POS applications. Four all-in-ones in the series (IC-156P-AW2, IC-156P-AW3, IC-215P-AW2, IC-215P-AW3) are powered with 7th generation Intel Core i3 and i5 processors. The solutions include a built-in USB-C port that drives power, touch, and video connection in one cable to a second display for seamless integration. These commercial-grade, all-in-one computers are designed for optimal performance in everyday use and bridge the gap between experiences using consumer devices and technology in-store. With each touch, they allow merchants to enhance interactions and create more memorable brand experiences.  


The new all-in-one 15.6” and 21.5” touch computers with Windows support are available today from MicroTouch’s authorized distribution partners BlueStar and Metropolitan Sales. The models include the IC-156P-AW1, IC-156P-AW2, IC-156P-AW3, IC-156P-AW4, IC-215P-AW1IC-215P-AW2, IC-215P-AW3, IC-215P-AW4. 

About MicroTouch

Driven by a history and culture of innovation, MicroTouch™ is a global leader in the touch solutions market. The Holland, Michigan-based company has been at the forefront of capacitive leadership for nearly 40 years, offering a broad product mix of components, monitors and touch computers, with the highest efficiency and flexibility in the industry—via regional engineering, local customer support and global warehousing capabilities. MicroTouch remains the standard-bearer for interactive device development and capacitive solutions, providing unsurpassed touch solutions and service to customers worldwide. For additional information, visit www.MicroTouch.com.