Timely Tips for Launching a POS as a Service Offering

Distributors in the point of sale space offer programs that can make it easier for you to add POS as a Service offerings to your portfolio.

POS as a service offering

The transition to the as a Service business model can be challenging for many point of sale (POS) solutions providers. It requires you to define the hardware, software and services you’ll include in your POS as a Service offerings. You must also answer tough questions regarding how your business will cover initial costs and compensate your sales team when your customers pay a monthly subscription rather than making an upfront CAPEX.

Distributors serving the POS space have done some of the legwork to meet those challenges for their solutions provider partners. Here are some examples of POS as a Service offerings from distributors:

BlueStar Hybrid SaaS Solutions as a Service

BlueStar has partnered with vendors and financial partners to package total solutions for your customers. The distributor’s Hybrid SaaS Solutions as a Service enables you to provide your customers comprehensive solutions, including service, training, and installation, for one monthly payment. VARs and MSPs, however, receive all revenue upfront, eliminating risk and compensation plan issues and maintaining cash flow.

BlueStar points out that its POS as a Service offering helps solutions providers win more business because it gives them a full-featured, reliable solution they can offer for a low monthly payment to compete with low-end cloud-based systems.

BlueStar’s program has a refresh built-in every three years rather than a typical refresh cycle of five years or more. BlueStar also adds value with resources ready to assist you as you provide these solutions and with ongoing tech support.

TD Synnex Device-as-a-Subscription and DXS Program

TD Synnex enables you to procure hardware, software, and services for your clients on an as-a-service or subscription basis through the TD Synnex DaaS (Device-as-a-Subscription) Program. The program’s easy-to-execute agreements range from two- to five-year terms.

The DXS Program includes subscription and consumption-based procurement models in data center environments.

Alan Buttery, Senior Vice President, Financial Operations for SYNNEX Corporation, says, “Both our DaaS and DXS offerings are administered by TD Synnex Financial Services. With DaaS, the end-user executes a simple, two-page document. In DXS, we customize the offering around the specific end-user needs.” Solutions providers receive their revenue upfront but still maintain control with the ability to deliver and bill their own services.

Buttery says the advantages of the programs include the ability to offer a true subscription and OPEX offering by leveraging the strength of a Fortune 200 leader. The program eliminates credit and residual risk for the solutions provider, allowing you to protect your liquidity and balance sheet while offering competitive solutions and growing your business.

Explore All of Your Options

Launching your first as a Service offerings or expanding your business to offer new solutions require the right strategy and careful planning to ensure business growth. Investigate your funding options, and keep your sales team informed of changes to your business model – and their compensation, if applicable. You can also leverage the experience of organizations such as the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA) for advice from industry experts and other POS solutions providers who successfully grow their businesses with the as a Service model.