Axcient Launches x360Sync Thin Client for Windows

The release enhances performance and security for file sync and share solutions for MSPs.

Axcient, a leader in business availability software for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), announced the release of x360Sync Thin Client for Windows. The new release allows users to leverage the economics of the cloud to reduce local storage costs and get instant access to files even from mobile devices. With no requirement to store data locally, x360Sync Thin Client provides an additional layer of security and enables instant recovery from disasters like ransomware or human error.

“Enabling an increasingly mobile and remote workforce should not require the risk and expense of local storage,” said Ben Nowacky, SVP of Product at Axcient. “With Axcient x360Sync Thin Client, we can help MSPs deliver a better user experience, improve their clients’ security posture, offer disaster recovery capabilities, and help them control costs by removing the need for local storage. As the IT landscape continues to evolve, we are listening to what makes a difference to MSPs and investing in R&D to fuel our monthly software releases.”

x360Sync Thin Client can be an important component of a layered security strategy. Businesses exposed to ransomware, a physical disaster, or lost or damaged devices can instantly regain access to files with Thin Client. It also reduces the risk of exposing sensitive information in case of a stolen device.

“x360 Sync Thin Client is a game-changer for our business and customers,” said Tim Brogdon, Owner at IT in the Bubble. “We often run into situations where the data stored in SyncedTool is substantially larger than what the drive can hold. Thin Client enables us to still store and access large quantities of data without having to upgrade every computer to larger drives at a high cost to our customer.”

x360Sync Thin Client is part of unified business continuity and disaster recovery platform that allows MSPs to Protect Everything™. Additional solutions include x360Recover for backup and disaster recovery and x360Cloud for backup of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

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About Axcient

Axcient is an award-winning leader in business availability software for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Axcient x360 empowers MSPs to Protect Everything™ by combining SaaS Backup, BCDR, and secure File Sync & Share into one platform and experience for MSPs. Trusted by MSPs worldwide, Axcient protects business data and continuity in the event of security breaches, human error, and natural disasters. For more information, visit

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