Barracuda MSP Enhances Managed Workplace Offering; Adds Advanced Software Management and New Backup Monitoring Capabilities

This major update to the security-centric RMM platform enables partners to scale third-party patch and software update management, and monitor backup activity for their customers.

Barracuda Networks, Inc., a trusted partner and leading provider of cloud-enabled security solutions, today announced that it has enhanced Managed Workplace, the security-centric remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform.

With the launch of Managed Workplace 12, MSPs and solution providers now gain access to new capabilities delivered by Advanced Software Management, a new Operational Accelerator of Managed Workplace. Advanced Software Management enables service providers to offer expanded patch and software update management for thousands of different software versions from more than a hundred software vendors. Service providers can automatically apply these patches and software updates to devices under management. This helps service providers ensure customers are up-to-date with the latest patches and updates, which enhances their security service offering and helps improve their customers’ security posture, at scale.

MSPs using Managed Workplace can now add Advanced Software Management for single-pane- of-glass experience when performing third-party patch management. Benefits to MSPs include the ability to:

    • Quickly and easily identify software that is out-of-date in their customers’ networks
    • Acquire and test software updates and patches as they become available
    • Schedule software updates and patch implementation at a suitable time for them andtheir customers
    • Report on the success (and failure) of software and patch updates to confirm security,or address additional actions needed

      Through new policy-based monitoring introduced with Managed Workplace 12, MSPs can also more easily manage their customers’ Intronis Backup processes. By combining advanced software management capabilities with backup monitoring, Barracuda MSP is helping to meet critical needs of service providers: providing multi-layered protection, and creating efficiencies in the way MSPs create and deliver their service offerings, and in how they demonstrate value to their customers.

“Our acquisition of Managed Workplace earlier this year builds on the momentum Barracuda has generated in the MSP market, particularly around our managed security offerings,” said Brian Babineau, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Barracuda MSP. “We are pleased to be announcing our first major update to the platform, with the addition of Advanced Software Management and Intronis Backup monitoring scripts, among other enhancements, in Managed Workplace 12. Both of these new capabilities are illustrative of our commitment to further strengthening our security and data protection solutions portfolio for our MSP partners.”

Partner Quotes:

“It is very exciting to hear that Managed Workplace is introducing and integrating third-party patch and software update management capabilities at scale in their upcoming release. Today, we use Managed Workplace and another third-party patching tool to provide a patch management solution for our customers. Having a single solution with which we can detect, acquire, deploy, and report all patch activities would be incredibly valuable to our organization” – Nadra Yazaji, Senior Director – Managed IT Services, RSM US LLP

“We at Ergo use a range of tools to service all our medium to enterprise customers. It is essential we find the right tool to fit the customers’ needs while making it cost effective for all involved. We have found that using Barracuda Managed Workplace gives us the flexibility and scalability to deliver a high standard of service faster and more efficiently to meet the customer’s needs. The introduction of third-party patching tackles one of the more complex issues we have in securing customers environments. It mitigates the need for expensive third- party services that are siloed and require individual attention while also being time consuming, with most solutions exceling in one area and not in others. This offers a one-size-fits-all solution that enables Ergo to add an additional level of security in a speedy manner. Security is key and reducing the footprint that can be exploited is a must for every company.” – Damien Kelly, Technical Operations Manager, Ergo Group

“This new capability is a great enhancement to Managed Workplace. With the addition of third- party patch management, through a single pane of glass, we can deliver an extra security layer to all our customers’ applications. It is very similar to the existing Managed Workplace patch management feature which means my technicians will learn it within hours, not days. The ease and simplicity of this new feature is going to provide even more value add to our clients.” – Eric Gorman, Co-Founder, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating, Integrated Enterprise Solutions, Inc.

Barracuda MSP will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, September 26th to give service providers a first look at Managed Workplace 12, and Advanced Software Management in particular. Register at: to join.

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