Cynet Achieves 100% Visibility and Detection Across All Steps of the MITRE Carbanak and FIN7 ATT&CK Evaluation

Cynet 360 Autonomous XDR Platform is tested against latest adversary threat emulations.

Cynet (, provider of the world’s first autonomous XDR platform, announced that for the first time, the company has participated in the MITRE Engenuity’s third iteration of ATT&CK evaluations with its Cynet 360 platform — a summary of the company’s results is available at This year’s test used MITRE’s Engenuity MITRE ATT&CK knowledge base to emulate the tactics and techniques used by Carbanak and FIN7, two attacks that have targeted the hospitality and financial services industries with sophisticated malware and techniques, and have resulted in more than $1 billion in theft across hundreds of businesses.

Cynet, an Automated XDR provider participating its first iteration of the MITRE ATT&CK evaluation, scored well on its ability to detect and prevent a large number of the simulated attacks. Some of the company’s highlights include:

100% visibility and detection across each of the 20 MITRE ATT&CK steps
100% detection rate on Linux operating systems
Detection o 52 of 54 attacks across the ATT&CK kill chain by the Cynet 360 platform
The highest score in data source utilization, with 15 total data sources available on the platform
Prevention of over 60 attacks before they were able to infiltrate the system

“We operate in an industry that is constantly evolving as cybercriminals find more sophisticated attack tactics, so we must always be a step ahead,” noted Cynet CEO Eyal Gruner. “We are thankful and proud to have participated in the MITRE ATT&CK evaluation, which is widely considered a gold standard to track adversarial techniques and tactics. We chose to participate to ensure that our defenses meet the most rigorous standards to protect our customers.”

Cynet clients receive the powerful protection of the Cynet XDR platform exhibited in the MITRE ATT&CK evaluation, including broad visibility and fast detection and prevention. In addition, Cynet provides leading Response Automation capabilities to fully automate investigation and response actions, including automated root cause analysis and attack scope. Cynet also includes a 24×7 MDR service – at no additional cost – that bolsters the power of the platform with expert human oversight. This means even resource constrained security teams can extend their reach and expertise with Cynet’s MDR team proactively monitoring their environment.

The company will be presenting an in-depth breakdown of its results during a live webinar — Register at

Review the Cynet MITRE ATT&CK results at

About Cynet
Cynet enables any organization to put its cybersecurity on autopilot, streamlining and automating their entire security operations while providing enhanced levels of visibility and protection, regardless of the security team’s size, skill or resources and without the need for a multi-product security stack. It does so by natively consolidating the essential security technologies needed to provide organizations with comprehensive threat protection into a single, easy-to-use XDR platform; automating the manual process of investigation and remediation across the environment; and providing a 24-7 proactive MDR service – monitoring, investigation, on-demand analysis, incident response and threat hunting – at no additional cost.

About MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluations

MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK evaluations are paid for by vendors and are intended to help vendors and end-users better understand a product’s capabilities in relation to MITRE’s publicly accessible ATT&CK framework. MITRE developed and maintains the ATT&CK knowledge base, which is based on real world reporting of adversary tactics and techniques. ATT&CK is freely available, and is widely used by defenders in industry and government to find gaps in visibility, defensive tools, and processes as they evaluate and select options to improve their network defense. MITRE Engenuity makes the methodology and resulting data publicly available so other organizations may benefit and conduct their own analysis and interpretation. The evaluations do not provide scores, ranks, or endorsements.

About MITRE Engenuity
MITRE Engenuity is a tech foundation that collaborates with the private sector on challenges that demand public interest solutions, to include cybersecurity, infrastructure resilience, healthcare effectiveness, microelectronics, quantum sensing and next generation communications.