Hiperwall Introduces Cost-Effective “Essentials” Video Wall Hardware and Software Bundles

Hiperwall Essentials video wall bundles eliminate barriers to entry for organizations wanting enhanced collaboration, clearer communication and the ability to make informed real-time decisions.

Hiperwall Inc., an industry-leader in commercialized, IP-based visualization technology, today introduces ‘Hiperwall Essentials,’ two all-inclusive video wall hardware and software bundles that get users started with a full-featured, control-room grade video wall powered by Hiperwall for just $9,995.

Most major decisions made in the public and private sectors are driven by vast amounts of data. Due to the volume of data sources, data complexity, and different analytics tools, video walls have become the perfect canvas for decision-makers to put all of this data together clearly, in order to arrive at an informed decision faster and more confidently.

At a price point that effectively removes barriers to implementation for small to medium businesses, small government agencies, and local law enforcement, Hiperwall Essentials serves as a great baseline for integrating video wall technology into any organization. As dependence on the video wall grows, Hiperwall’s modular platform makes scaling the video wall footprint and capabilities seamless and cost-effective.

“Hiperwall Essentials was created to help customers interested in integrating a video wall into their operations, do so cost-effectively without compromising on functionality and performance,” said Tom Scott, CEO at Hiperwall. “These aren’t stripped, entry-level solutions, they are full-featured, control room-ready video walls, based on the same software that drives some of the world’s largest installations. We’ve teamed up with Seneca Data, ViewSonic, and SYNNEX to package our software with their hardware, keeping costs low and systems easy to acquire.”

Each Hiperwall Essentials system includes the following hardware and software features:

  • Hiperwall-certified Seneca Data VX-Quad PC with a Hiperwall Essentials image preloaded
  • Display(s) – Available in a 2×2 (4x 43” HD Displays) OR single 82-inch 4K TV video canvas configurations
  • 16-port Ethernet switch
  • Support for up to four simultaneous external IP sources, as well as an unlimited number of local sources
  • Remote access and control of the video wall from anywhere, anytime
  • 1 year of Hiperwall Maintenance, which ensures users have the latest Hiperwall software, professional system optimization assistance, and industry-leading support

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About Hiperwall, Inc.

Hiperwall, Inc., a leading company in next-generation video wall systems and distributed visualization software technology, is transforming the industry by eliminating the need for specialized servers, matrix switches, tangled cables, and time-consuming training in favor of a solution that is easy to install, easy to use and easy on the budget. Hiperwall has eliminated these barriers by developing a software-based video wall system that is completely hardware agnostic, allowing users to deploy systems with nothing more than commonly available PCs, monitors, and network equipment. For more information, visit www.hiperwall.com.