IT By Design Launches MSP Compass

An innovative service designed to help today’s MSP business leaders to accelerate the growth of their businesses, leveraging an experienced CIO team and a proven blueprint to drive consistent business outcomes.

IT By Design (ITBD), a market leader for providing engineering talent to IT service providers, has launched MSP Compass, virtual CIO consultative services for MSPs seeking to become more competitive and achieve hyper-growth. The goal of MSP Compass is to elevate the operational maturity level (OML) of the MSP, regardless of its current stage of maturity, size, and growth.

ITBD’s experienced virtual CIO team guides MSPs business leaders through the assessment, planning, and execution of the technology and process/operational steps needed to scale an MSP practice more quickly and with sustainable growth. MSP Compass can help transform an MSP practice by collaboratively building a custom blueprint to leverage technology to drive key business and revenue outcomes in the next 3-5 years—for both the MSP and its clients.

“Much like a personal trainer who works side-by-side with you to grow your strengths and then teaches you how to sustain your efforts. vCIO services provide a designated time to explore where your MSP needs to improve. We’ll help you identify and grow core competencies and leverage clear roadmaps for technology and business operations to achieve the next level of success,” explains Sunny Kaila, CEO, IT By Design. “The combination of best practices and accountability helps MSP leaders focus their energy on areas of the business where change has the biggest impact. The result is a competitive edge and the ability to shift into hyper-growth mode and grow exponentially.”

vCIO services are ideal for an MSP that:

  • Needs more focus on strategy but can’t find time to analyze metrics, dashboards, and reporting
  • Isn’t sure how to move to the next stage of maturity—or what that looks like for your MSP
  • Struggles to balance working in with working on business
  • Lacks time and resources to execute on projects necessary for today’s digital transformation
  • Needs help creating and executing IT policies and building governance
  • Struggles to meet compliance standards

“All of our solutions are built from our own experience as an MSP for nearly two decades—for MSPs by an MSP,” adds Kaila. “With more than 100 years of combined MSP expertise within our leadership team, we understand what it takes operationally, strategically, and financially to move an MSP forward to sustainable growth.”