IT Glue Announces New Features and Product Enhancements at IT Nation 2019

New features revealed include Office Cloud Editor, Vault, automated password rotation, and more.

IT Glue, the industry standard for IT documentation, is thrilled to announce the release of four new product features on the heels of IT Nation, one of the largest annual IT conferences, held in Orlando, Florida, October 30 – November 1, 2019. The coveted new features further enhance IT Glue’s market-leading position with advanced functionality on passwords, live editing, host-proof hosting, and network documentation.

The top new feature is Office Cloud Editor, which enables live online editing of Microsoft Office documents directly within IT Glue. This new feature is a direct result of IT Glue becoming a Microsoft Cloud Storage Partner. Office Cloud Editor is a premium new feature that is available for all IT Glue Enterprise partners.

“Becoming a Microsoft Cloud Storage Partner is something we knew would add a lot of value for our MSP partners,” explains Nadir Merchant, General Manager at IT Glue. “Our team put a lot of work into this program, and the result of all that work on our end is a lot less work for MSPs.”

IT Glue is also launching a limited release of the new feature, Vault, which introduces host-proof hosting to IT Glue’s industry-leading security profile. Vault allows IT Glue users to exclusively decrypt passwords at the endpoint level with a user-specific passphrase, providing an additional ironclad layer of security for highly sensitive passwords.

Another key product announcement is password rotation. This security-enriching feature is powered through the company’s integration with Quickpass. It not only increases security by keeping passwords fresh, it also saves IT techs from manually updating Active Directory passwords individually. This newly enhanced integration with Quickpass allows MSPs to “set it and forget it,” knowing that they can reference IT Glue at any time for the most up-to-date Active Directory passwords.

Finally, IT Glue is releasing a new feature for its network documentation product, Network Glue. New Port and Connected To fields have been added within IT Glue configuration documentation, both of which will be populated by an automated data pull from Network Glue. These new fields will show what port a device is connected to, and what devices are connected to a specific interface, giving MSPs greater visibility into the structure of their clients’ networks.

A Platinum sponsor of IT Nation for four years running, IT Glue is the premier documentation tool amongst the ConnectWise user base. With a deep two-way integration with ConnectWise Manage, including a recent ticketing integration, as well as a long-standing integration with ConnectWise Automate, IT Glue provides ConnectWise users optimal efficiency and visibility into managing all aspects of their clients’ environments. Visit IT Glue at booth 605 at IT Nation.
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