Leostream Expands Remote Desktop Flexibility with Windows 365 Integration

Increases cloud efficiency, scalability, resilience for Windows 365 users

Leostream Corporation, creator of the world-leading Leostream Remote Desktop Access Platform, today announced the full integration of the Leostream Platform with Microsoft Windows 365 to provide enhanced flexibility, scalability, and resilience to organizations incorporating cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Enterprises that rely on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure contend with a myriad of challenges, including capacity limitations due to space constraints within data centers. With potentially hundreds of thousands of user desktop sessions happening at once, the sheer size of these environments often requires moving workloads to the cloud to accommodate demanding use cases. Cloud deployments also permit new flexibility for instance-size updates and nearly limitless restore points to minimize disruptions, especially in the event of VM failures.

However, cloud and hybrid cloud strategies incur increased complexity as resources, applications, and data must be managed and available across on-premises data centers and multiple cloud platforms. The Leostream Platform alleviates this complexity and enables Windows 365 users to access additional resources hosted on-prem, on Azure, AWS, or other cloud providers, with a consistent and unified experience and state-of-the-art authentication and security.

Key to the Leostream Platform’s ability to streamline remote Windows 365 desktop access in heterogeneous environments is its comprehensive protocol support. This delivers seamless communication between disparate systems, regardless of the underlying hosting platform or supported display protocol.

Additional features and advantages of deploying the Leostream Platform with Windows 365:

  • Provides a customizable landing page tailored to individual user profiles and locations for a personalized and intuitive user experience.
  • Eliminates conventional password-based authentication with stronger Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to enhance security while simplifying the user login processes, and integrates with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) providers so organizations can easily transition to SAML authentication while maintaining compatibility with the existing authentication framework.
  • Enables direct connections to Windows 365 desktops via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) support and allows the use of cloud-specific display protocols such as NICE DCV and PCoIP for connections to other hosted resources, eliminating incompatibilities that lead to interoperability issues and impede user experience.
  • Permits future integration of Windows 365 with other third-party VDI and DaaS Vendors

“Windows 365 is an essential tool for many organizations, and this integration gives them new options not only for supporting hybrid and remote workforces, but also truly for implementing a multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud strategy alongside their on-premise infrastructure,” said Leostream CEO Karen Gondoly. “The Leostream Platform’s emphasis on access and interoperability of diverse protocols eliminates one of the primary obstacles to transitioning to the cloud by ensuring workers have access to the resources they need and a user experience that won’t hamper their productivity.”

The Leostream Remote Desktop Access Platform for hosted desktops and workstations offers a comprehensive solution for remote access to maintain productivity, control costs, and ensure security with strict authentication and authorization built on zero-trust concepts. Its connection management system eliminates clunky corporate VPNs with an ultra-efficient gateway that gives users access to only the specific resources they have permission to use, automatically, regardless of their location or device. The Leostream Platform shines even in environments that rely on complex, specialty applications like energy and science; large files such as media and entertainment; real-time performance like financial services; and bulletproof network security like government and defense.

About Leostream
The Leostream Remote Desktop Access Platform embodies over 20 years of Leostream research and development in supporting customers with hosted desktop environments, including VDI, hybrid cloud, and high-performance display protocols. It provides the world’s most robust desktop connection management and remote access feature set, allowing today’s enterprises to choose the best-of-breed components to satisfy their complex security, cost, and flexibility needs while working with them as they evolve into tomorrow.