New Augmentt Engage Simplifies SaaS Management and SaaS Security for Today’s MSP

This emerging vendor’s latest innovation cycle combines the power of SaaS discovery with multi-vendor SaaS management and security in a single solution designed exclusively for MSPs.

Modernizing and optimizing the way MSPs manage their clients’ fast-growing SaaS ecosystems, technology pioneer Augmentt is pleased to introduce its latest technology innovation: Augmentt Engage.

Available now to trial or buy, Augmentt Engage makes it easy for MSPs to accelerate secure SaaS management by streamlining provisioning, simplifying daily user management and increasing productivity and security, at scale from a single screen.

“Security is a huge focus for today’s MSP and with more and more people and organizations moving their business to the cloud and taking advantage of a hybrid environment, the risks around Shadow IT and security in general are increasing dramatically,” says James Wood, CTO, CalTech. “Having the ability to discover, manage and secure these SaaS applications proactively, remotely and from one platform, one pane of glass, will be a big advantage for the MSP.”

With immediate support for Office 365 applications, Augmentt Engage provides MSPs with a strong, actionable, real-time view of what is and isn’t taking place across their customers’ entire SaaS ecosystem. Engineered on the experience and expertise of the company’s Partner Advisory Board, Augmentt Engage is foundational to the frontline success of today’s MSPs, many of which are hyper-focused on empowering their technical talent, to optimize operations and enhancing the customer experience.

Derek Belair, co-founder and CEO, Augmentt
Derek Belair, co-founder and CEO, Augmentt

“Historically, managing SaaS solutions at scale fell into the ‘too hard’ to execute without spending a tremendous amount of time and money category,” says Bill Lunam, Chief Technology Officer, Kinetics Group, a successful IT and solutions provider based in New Zealand. “Augmentt is the only solution we found that allows us to identify and manage SaaS applications that are being used both in-office and on the road. With more than 5,500 devices under management, having the ability to quickly and easily deploy Augmentt across all devices anywhere in the world was a real kicker for us.”

Designed to identify, centrally manage and secure all SaaS usage in distributed environments, Augmentt Engage integrates seamlessly with the majority of today’s PSA and RMM platforms including ConnectWise and N-able. It also serves to improve the experience delivered by today’s MSPs, offering reliable data around SaaS usage, spend optimization and security policies.

“Our goal is to give MSPs complete visibility and total SaaS control of their customers’ solution ecosystems, from a single platform,” says Derik Belair, co-founder and CEO, Augmentt. “We are the only channel-enabled SaaS management solution on the market today, and we’re innovating at a rapid clip to serve as a single source of truth and reliability for MSPs when it comes to delivering secure SaaS management.” 

More Solutions, More Services, More Success

Augmentt Engage is the latest technology innovation within the Augmentt portfolio which features a variety of solutions, services and support now readily available to MSPs worldwide. These include:

  • Augmentt Discover: SaaS and Shadow IT discovery, monitoring and reporting module.
  • Augmentt Engage: SaaS administration, management and automation module designed to eliminate time-consuming manual processes.
  • Augmentt Academy: Online learning platform where MSPs can access all the training, strategies and go-to-market content needed to deliver SaaS services.
  • Augmentt Assist: White-labeled supplemental services aimed at helping and training those MSPs that require additional assistance setting up their SaaS Services practice or SaaS Operation Center.
  • Augmentt Accelerator: Go-to-market model that gives MSPs an unlimited number of Essential licenses to perform SaaS audits and upsell services to fast-track their success.
  • Augmentt Alliances: Growing portfolio of complementary vendor partners who are working with Augmentt and successfully integrated with its platform.

“Augmentt wants their partners to succeed, and the team is doing everything it takes to make that happen,” concludes Jodi Lemery, Sr. Operations Analyst at JPMerc & Co., a leading MSP in Massachusetts. “The technology is so user-friendly, and the team really cares and wants to make sure MSPs are using the platform to its full potential.”

Recognizing the value of both automation and 1:1 engagement, Augmentt is expanding its team worldwide—welcoming several new leaders over the last few months:

Ali Mahmoud               Vice President of Product Management

Marlene Mullowney      Director of Sales

Will Bishop                   Director of Partner Success

Yannis Souris                Director Marketing

“Augmentt is 100% committed to helping our MSP partners become the global leaders in Managed SaaS Services,” says Gavin Garbutt, Co-Founder and Chairman, Augmentt. “The market opportunity around SaaS management is growing at an astronomical rate and the need is everywhere. We’re excited to bring this latest rev of innovation to market and help MSPs better protect, manage and serve their customers operating in a hybrid or cloud environment.”

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