New, Expanded Continuum Command Capabilities Provide MSPs with Accessible, Intuitive Automation

The latest upgrades allow MSPs to leverage simple but powerful automation across teams for greater agility, security and growth.

Continuum®, the Platform for What’s Next™, announced today that it has expanded its automation capabilities for its remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution, Continuum Command. The automation enhancements, built with an intuitive user design and plug-and-play attributes, help MSPs get work done quicker and turn their focus to higher-value projects, driving growth and better service.

Easy-to-use automation is particularly crucial in the current labor market, as the existing skills gap widens. MSPs – particularly in the small- and medium-sized space, are struggling to find, hire, and retain qualified talent suitable to consistently delivering strong IT services. By integrating accessible automation into the Command platform, MSP technicians will not need to learn a new programming language or upskill in order to reap the benefits of automation. In turn, this empowers MSPs to deploy talent more effectively, see accelerated resolution times and enhance their own customer experience.

“Time is the most valuable commodity to MSPs as they operate in an extremely complex landscape of managing the technical and security needs of their customers,” says Carl Resnik, senior director of product, Command, Continuum. “Incorporating automation capabilities into our Command platform empowers MSPs to be more productive – maximizing their focus to more important tasks, such as proactively addressing potential security threats with Command’s new automated features.”

In addition to streamlining processes, the automation enhancements include:

  • Drag-and-drop front end functionality with logic for easy to implement, problem resolution
  • Alert-based triggers accelerate customer resolutions at point of disruption without delay
  • Increased third party patching capabilities to deliver increased protection and service
  • Customize device groupings to more effectively manage group triggers based on device, client or any other attribute

The expanded features will also automate 10 of the most common Help Desk tasks that Continuum’s own team uses on a daily basis, addressing 22% of their total incidents.

“Automation functionality is game changing for us,” said Foster Charles, Founder and CEO of Charles IT, a Continuum partner. “The new devices tab, combined with the dynamic device groups and sequencing, will reduce our manual work by at least 40%. We are now auto deploying third party software and auto healing issues so that my team or the NOC doesn’t have to, saving us crucial time and allowing us to focus more resources and energy on strategic projects.”

The new automation capabilities are fully integrated with Continuum’s NOC and Help Desk services, providing more opportunities for MSPs to increase efficiency and services.

Continuum Command’s latest automation offerings will be highlighted at the company’s signature Navigate events held on October 2 in Pittsburgh and October 16 in Las Vegas.

For more details on Navigate and the Continuum Command technical track visit here.

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