Pax8 Now Offering Multitenant Management of Office 365 and Azure Through Partnership with Nuvolex

MSPs can now automate Microsoft cloud management.

Pax8, the best place to buy cloud solutions, today announced that it will be offering the Nuvolex ManageX platform, the IT industry’s most advanced Multitenant XaaS Management Platform, to enable Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to better streamline, automate, and manage their cloud managed services business. ManageX automates administration across the entire Microsoft cloud stack, including Office 365 as well as Intune, AD, AzureAD and Azure.

“Through our partnership with Nuvolex, we are further simplifying the Microsoft buying and daily management experience for MSPs and increasing their security offering,” said Ryan Walsh, chief channel officer at Pax8. “With Nuvolex and the Pax8 portal, MSPs can seamlessly integrate, access, and manage all of their customers’ Microsoft 365 and Azure tenants. The ManageX platform provides MSPs that single pane of glass management experience across all customers, streamlining cloud services delivery. We are in the business of saving our partners time through automation and simplifying their businesses, and the Nuvolex ManageX platform further delivers on that promise.”

Through extensive service automation and advanced workflows, ManageX can easily and cost-effectively manage any number of Microsoft tenants, user identities, licenses and cloud workloads using only simple mouse clicks. ManageX eliminates the need to write complex PowerShell scripts in order to automate cloud service administration. With the platform priced on a per managed user basis, Azure management functionality comes as a complimentary management capability on the Nuvolex platform, providing even greater service margin opportunities.

“We’re excited to be working with Pax8 to introduce the Nuvolex ManageX Platform to the MSP community,” said Brian Hamel, founder and chief executive officer of Nuvolex. “Pax8 shares our vision of unifying administration and access across the entire Microsoft cloud stack through extensive service automation and advanced workflows. Our platform enables MSPs to dramatically increase cloud services revenue without increasing services delivery costs.”

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About Pax8

Pax8 is the best place to buy cloud solutions. As a born-in-the-cloud company, Pax8 empowers managed service providers (MSPs) to achieve more with cloud technology. Through billing, provisioning, automation, industry-leading PSA integrations, and pre and post-sales support, Pax8 simplifies cloud buying, improves operational efficiency, and lowers client acquisition cost. Pax8 is a proven, award-winning disruptor in the market, earning accolades like NexGen’s Best in Show, Best Places to Work in IT by ComputerWorld, Biggest Buzz at IT Nation, CRN’s Coolest Cloud Vendor, Best in Show at XChange, HTG’s Best Partner Program, and more. If you want to be successful with cloud, you want to work with Pax8. Get started today at

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About Nuvolex

Nuvolex is the IT industry’s most advanced Multitenant XaaS Management Platform for the Microsoft cloud stack. The platform was built specifically for Service Providers and Enterprise IT administrators, heavily automating the provisioning and daily administration of users, cloud services and VMs. The Nuvolex platform also includes a number of security features including Advanced Role Based Access Control and Multifactor Authentication, protecting end customer data from security breaches. The platform not only significantly reduces the time and complexity when managing cloud services, but it also enables Service Providers to grow their managed services business without increasing their services delivery costs. The Nuvolex platform can manage any cloud environment, from the smallest SMB to the largest global enterprise, using only simple mouse clicks. For more information, visit

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