Say Hello to Gradient, the World’s First Intelligent PSA Data Hygiene Solution Designed for MSPs

Gradient’s freemium software provides actionable cleaning recommendations that help drive smarter business decisions, solve administrative challenges and create a better experience for everyone.

The wait is over. The highly anticipated arrival of Gradient MSP’s new and intelligent Professional Services Automation (PSA) data hygiene solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) is here. Click to view demo.

Available now to MSPs worldwide at no cost, the freemium software from Gradient MSP breaks new ground in the channel, taking the first step in bringing forward a wave of knowledge that stands to benefit the entire IT channel ecosystem.

Developed by channel veteran and entrepreneur Colin Knox, the Gradient platform enables MSPs to make better business decisions by generating and optimizing granular, clean and actionable data derived from the tools they use to manage their business. Once set up, the software sifts through the core records in the PSA and analyzes them, identifying any dirty records that are distorting the true view of the business.

“MSPs typically have a substantial amount of dirty data hiding within their PSAs — outdated or erroneous records, for example, which can dramatically impact how the MSP runs their business, both from an operational and financial standpoint, as well as how they engage with their team and their customers,” said Colin Knox, CEO, Gradient MSP. “Our intelligent data hygiene solution is unique to the industry in that it gives MSPs the power to make better, more informed decisions because they have a clear and realistic picture of what is actually happening in their business.”

To keep it simple and easy to use, the Gradient platform integrates with leading PSA solutions from ConnectWise, Datto, Kaseya, Syncro and Tigerpaw, with additional integrations coming online soon. “Using data to make better business decisions and plan for the future is not a tactic reserved for the enterprise or for companies with money to burn,” notes Knox. “With the introduction of the Gradient platform, we’ve made data hygiene actionable and affordable for the MSP—and in return, given rise to a healthier and smarter channel ecosystem.”

“Bringing data hygiene to MSPs of all sizes really speaks to our mission to help raise the entire MSP industry,” Knox adds. “We love MSPs, but we know that data management is often a challenge.  Automating administrative burdens, and bringing about data equality in the MSP space, is the core of the data hygiene module, and the next modules we’re releasing as well.”

“Gradient has helped us clarify our data,” says Patrick Murphy, Vice President, ISG Technology. “This has allowed us to have true knowledge of our business, as well as a voice to state the facts since I no longer have to wade through all the excess irrelevant data in my PSA.”

Pricing and Availability

Gradient MSP’s data hygiene solution is available now and at no charge to MSPs. Learn more at

About Gradient MSP

Established in 2020, Gradient MSP offers the IT channel ecosystem a data intelligence solution built to help MSPs work smarter and serve better by learning from the data they already have in play from PSA platforms. Founded by technology and business entrepreneur Colin Knox, Gradient solves for one of the IT channel’s biggest challenges and greatest opportunities, making data analytics actionable. Available at no cost, Gradient’s data hygiene module is designed to empower all MSPs, regardless of size, cleaning data in real time to allow for clear and accurate insights about their business and their customers. In return, MSPs can make smarter business decisions, elevate the experience and grow more profitably. To learn more, visit