Trustifi Advances Email Security with Improved Sensitivity Detection, Retroactive Email Scans, and Enhanced OCR

This cyber security leader’s latest features drive cloud-based email encryption forward, compelling the market to rethink its email security strategies.

Trustifi, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) email security company, announced it has launched a roster of new features in the past six months for its flagship email encryption cybersecurity solution. This includes significant advances in the solution’s sensitivity detection and OCR (optical character recognition) capabilities; plus the ability for users to scan up to 1,000 past emails per inbox. The company’s research and development team is on a consistent trajectory to improve the capabilities of Trustifi’s cloud-based, one-click email encryption solution, delivering greater value and more comprehensive cybersecurity to business environments. The solution’s unique ability to host encrypted messages on a proprietary cloud platform, allowing users to edit and recall messages as-needed, is causing managed service providers to re-evaluate how they apply cyber security, especially in regards to email data.

Feature updates include:

Enhanced Sensitivity Detection and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Engines

Trustifi’s sensitivity engine now allows users to conduct “tests” on email content prior to assigning security rules within the solution. An intuitive new “test it now” tool lets administrators upload emails for scanning and analysis. The tool generates a sensitivity score reflecting the level of risk associated with that content. In addition, Trustifi has added a roster of new categories to its sensitivity detection criteria. These include flight tickets, CT/X-ray scans, VISA applications, video meeting links, and more, accommodating a broad array of content that might be targeted for attack. The ability to assign rules based on a more accurate analysis of material helps reduce potential data loss for end-companies—and creates a more persuasive offering for MSPs and MSSPs. Trustifi’s AI-powered OCR (optical character recognition) engine has also been upgraded to more accurately identify susceptible images and attachments, e.g., those depicting credit cards or healthcare ID cards.

New “Proactive Defense” Feature

This new tool allows users to perform a threat detection scan on back emails, up to the last 1,000 inbound messages received. Trustifi’s “Inbound Shield” threat detection system then quarantines or removes all malicious emails, providing retroactive protection that’s especially valuable for new users. Administrators can also leverage this capability to scan old data after updating block lists. The solution delivers real-time scan results and administrative views of all malicious messages. This is Trustifi’s first step in developing a more comprehensive Proactive Defense capability, providing additional analysis of retroactive emails.

The “Connections” Communication Report

Trustifi’s new “Connections” outbound management tool aggregates the scope of each user’s email interactions, providing a straightforward graph depicting the user’s correspondence with all recipients and IP domains. These charts help administrators identify trends and root-out suspicious IP connections, pinpointing vulnerabilities before they become breaches. The reports also help businesses establish a baseline to detect compromised email accounts or data loss.

These new features augment the robust capabilities of Trustifi’s email encryption solutions. Trustifi’s one-click encryption technology allows outgoing emails to reside on the company’s own cloud storage platform. This hosted infrastructure lets the user exert control even of “sent” messages, so they can easily recall, block, modify, and set expiration rules after messages have been delivered. Senders can even remove or add recipients without alerting the other addressees. This ability to encrypt and host email data on a vendor’s cloud platform—before it passes through the recipient’s gateway and resides permanently on that party’s server—is an entirely new approach to managing cyber security.

“The state of cyber security is always transforming, with more lethal hacks emerging from all over the world, as we’ve seen with the recent SolarWinds compromises,” said Rom Hendler, CEO of Trustifi. “The SMB market is especially in need of effective, affordable NSA-grade email encryption that’s easy for both senders and recipients to use. To that end, we’re continually enhancing our solution, helping companies of all scales address the ever-evolving security environment. By leveraging the cloud to maintain control over the sender’s email data, our partners can bring a whole new cyber security maneuver to market.”

“When we evaluated cyber security solutions, we were genuinely impressed by Trustifi’s methodology,” said David Santistevan, president at managed service provider Concentrics, Inc., in Colorado. “It’s more than just an effective, intuitive solution. Its use of cloud storage is a distinctively innovative way to retain access to our client’s email data, even after messages have reached their intended recipients. It’s a breakthrough approach that made us rethink the way we looked at email data security.”

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