Beachhead Solutions Expands Offer of Free Device Security Licenses to Any MSP as COVID-19 Keeps Their Clients’ Workforces Remote

MSPs – whether an existing Beachhead partner or not – can now receive three months of free SimplySecure licenses to ensure device and data security for clients’ employees and themselves

Beachhead Solutions, provider of cloud-managed PC & mobile device encryption, security, and data access control for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), today announced an extension of its free license program to aid more MSPs and their clients adapting to the work-from-home mandates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both MSPs who are currently Beachhead partners and MSPs that are new to Beachhead can receive three months of free SimplySecure for MSPs licenses to address the surge of remote workers.

With more client employees working from home, security-minded MSPs need to ensure all devices used for remote work-related activity have robust data security mechanisms in place. Many of these devices likely have not been exposed to the same level of organizational security risk as they now are under these new circumstances. MSPs can use the free SimplySecure licenses to respond to this surge in work-from-home devices through remote enforcement of password policies, data encryption, data wipe/quarantine, and other cloud-managed capabilities.

The offer had been previously made available to existing Beachhead partners and has now opened up to all MSPs. Those seeking to leverage the free offer should submit their request to or call the Beachhead Channel Team at 408-496-6936 x-1004.

“We have provided our MSP partners with thousands of free SimplySecure licenses since we launched the offer in March,” said Cam Roberson, VP Sales & Channel Development, Beachhead Solutions. “After seeing the impact – and as much of the workforce still remains remote – we think there might be other MSPs who can benefit. Expanding our free license offer will help more MSPs and MSSPs (now including those who are not existing Beachhead partners) to provide value to their clients during these difficult times.”

“As an MSP and Beachhead partner, we’ve already seen firsthand how helpful the free SimplySecure license offer is to ensuring device security and providing additional value to our client base,” said Doug Truitt, CEO at Kalleo Technologies. “Our clients – like so many businesses – now have employees accessing company data from many more devices than they had been just a few weeks ago. We believe this expanded offer from Beachhead is good for the MSP ecosystem, with more MSPs and their clients recognizing the value in encrypting these more vulnerable devices and maintaining control over data – regardless of where the device is or who may have it in their possession.”

About Beachhead Solutions

Beachhead Solutions delivers cloud-based data security and encryption – built for seamless MSP portfolio integration – through its robust SimplySecure for MSPs™ platform. From a single multi-tenanted console, MSPs can enforce encryption and remote data access control for clients’ Windows and Mac PCs, iOS and Android phones & tablets, USB storage devices, and Windows Servers. With features including remote data wipe and quarantine – as well as full monitoring, alerting, and reporting capabilities – MSPs use the Beachhead platform to deliver Compliance- as-a-Service, helping them win (and keep) more client business.