ConnectWise Expands AI Integration Across its Unified Monitoring and Management Solution Portfolio

ConnectWise accelerates AI initiatives by launching AI-assisted PowerShell scripting in the ConnectWise Asio™ platform through two of its cloud-hosted remote monitoring and management tools, becoming the first in a series of AI-powered ConnectWise solutions for MSPs.

ConnectWise, the world’s leading software company dedicated to the success of IT solution providers (TSPs), launched a core capability in the ConnectWise Asio™ platform with AI-assisted PowerShell scripting across two products in its Unified Monitoring and Management (UMM) solution portfolio: ConnectWise Automate™ and ConnectWise RMM™.

With this new feature powered by ConnectWise’s hosted instance of OpenAI GPT, complex tasks can be automated, and custom scripts or command tasks can be quickly executed. In addition, the integration leverages the advanced AI language processing capabilities within the Asio platform, saving MSPs time and including guardrails and optimizations to further facilitate the script process.

“Writing a script in an application is often much manual work and can be time-consuming,” said Jason Short, vice president of product management, Unified Monitoring and Management, ConnectWise. “By leveraging the power of advanced AI technology to write scripts in ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise Remote Monitoring and Management, partners can quickly review each script, edit if necessary, and deploy it to their clients. As a result, a process that could once take an entire afternoon is now shortened to 10-15 minutes or less.”

In February, ConnectWise’s UMM team provided early access to the PowerShell script integration in Automate that uses AI to assist technicians. Harry Boyne, co-founder, and technical director at Chalkline, was one of the first MSP partners to sign up for the early access program.

“It was exciting to see ConnectWise adopt the latest technology and for us to have an opportunity to test it,” Boyne said. When Boyne used a script editor as part of the program, the code it produced was surprisingly fast. Boyne added, “It was quick and impressive. However, we did have initial reservations about letting AI write scripts for us, but we put internal controls in place to check the script’s accuracy in case some mistakes needed to be corrected. Overall, it saved our team valuable time by giving us a good starting position for the scripts we create for our clients.”

ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise RMM provide new functionality to generate scripts and are an option for MSPs to leverage in their environment. But, like any technology, AI is still evolving. In other words, the AI-assisted PowerShell script benefits when partners include an experienced technician as part of their script process—someone knowledgeable who can review, find any errors, edit commands, or update the code.

“Our goal at ConnectWise has always been to simplify life for MSPs while delivering exciting new technology that can change their day-to-day operations, helping them work smarter and more efficiently,” said Ameer Karim, general manager and executive vice president, Unified Monitoring and Management, ConnectWise. “The unprecedented growth in artificial intelligence has provided us with new opportunities to do that. AI integration into our existing solutions saves MSPs countless hours and allows them to focus on the part of their business that matters most—driving client success and satisfaction.”

ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise RMM are the first in a series of AI-powered ConnectWise solutions to be developed for the MSP community. For MSP partners interested in understanding best practices to use AI safely, click here to read our blog. To learn more about future ConnectWise offerings with AI integration, please join us on April 26 for our Machine Powered: The Future of AI at ConnectWise webinar.

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